We are looking to push things to the next level but to fund this passion to improve these children’s lives we need your help. Any Donations will be used to provide eye testing and glasses for the Children in these countries.

“As an experienced Optometrist, I have a real Passion to
make a difference and ask for your help”.

We are not looking for you to fund our travel costs, one of the main principles of the charity is that it has to be totally transparent. There are no paid officers and travel to Africa is paid out of the pocket of those who go, either personally or through their own fund raising.

So what’s the next step? Choose one of our simple ways to donate and make a difference today.
Donations can be taken through the Spark Foundations wonderful Give a Little page. Its amazingly simple to use.  
Alternatively you can email us for a
donation form, with no obligation,
just return to us if you want to help.