Eye Care for Africa was founded in 2017 by Hawkes Bay based Optometrist Niall McCormack. It was formed to provide real eye care to some of the most marginalised groups in the countries of Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya. It all began when Niall accepted an invitation to provide eye care to an orphanage in Uganda. Whilst there it became very apparent of the dire level of need that existed.

“I was astonished at the level of the need there. I saw children with conditions such as cataract whose eyesight was in desperate need of appropriate attention.”

This experience motivated Niall to make a difference and upon his return to New Zealand ‘Eye Care for Africa’ was created. The charity is now an official charity registered with the NZ Charities Commission.


  It’s amazing how doors start opening. We have recently been approved by an organisation in Kenya who have offered their building as a base for the venture. The intention is to set up an Optometry Clinic with equipment and training to change these children’s lives.  
· Service the eye care of children in East Africa who live in various orphanages
· Provide local training to enable eye care to become more sustainable
· Provide equipment to enable local people to continue the services
· Provide a scholarship for a local Hawkes Bay student to experience our work